Video Production

PLMR can unlock the testimony of those people whose passion make an organisation great, all through video.

Moving images are the world’s most powerful communications tool – more powerful than the written word, the spoken word, even the photograph. 

Films, put together the right way, tell the most memorable and persuasive stories about your business, organisation or charity. Video lets us communicate on a personal level, allowing us to show each other the things that are important to us. 

Our Head of Broadcast, Mike Ramsden, has been using video to tell powerful stories for more than twenty years. Working for BBC News, he brought the personal stories of hundreds of people to life through film. At PLMR, Mike uses his experience to tell our clients’ stories in video, by unlocking the testimony of those people whose passion make an organisation great. His films allow an audience to experience an issue, to understand and connect with it, and then to support it. His videos always carry a ‘call to action’, aligning the audience to a campaign goal. 

Video is a powerful motivator. Online retailers have long known that when a product has an accompanying video, customers are more likely to buy. In the same way, targeted public relations audiences are more likely to understand and participate in your campaign, if they can experience an issue for themselves through film. 

When someone looks for your organisation online, they’re more likely to click a video link than a text link. If you send a link to a video in an email, the recipient is almost twice as likely to click through. The rise of smartphones means the amount of video being watched on mobile devices is growing rapidly, with social media channels making it easy to share video, boost your campaign, and amplify your message.

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