A New site for Robert Halfon MP

38 Degrees wanted to help their members reach potential MPs during the snap General Election. In just 3 weeks, we put on events in 10 marginal constituencies and broadcast them live on Facebook to over 2 million users. 

Robert Halfon MP is the former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party and has wide ranging responsibilities both locally and nationally. He needed a robust communications tool that allowed him to communicate effectively with both his local constituents and the wider public. His current site was dated and unreliable but he was familiar with his existing software and didn’t want to learn how to use his website all over again.

WHat plmr did

We built a brand new site from scratch using a modern adaptive framework. This meant the site adjusted instantly to any device it was being viewed on, making it much easier for visitors to engage with the site’s content, whether at a desk or on the move. We built the blogging section using an enhanced version of the software he was currently using, meaning he could continue updating the site in the same way he always had. 

The result

Robert and his team were overjoyed with the results:

“PLMR were fantastic to work with and the site is truly excellent. We would recommend their expertise to anyone”

Chloe Westley, Communications Executive for Robert Halfon MP

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