Saving Syria's Seeds

How a film about safeguarding the future of our food was beamed to more than 200 million homes around the world, encouraging governments to pledge $300 million to preserve the world’s crops for future generations.

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The Crop Trust is an organisation that preserves the genetic integrity of the world’s crops, allowing research to take place that secures our food supplies for the future. They’re one of the founders of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a huge store of the world’s most important seeds, inside a mountain on a remote island off Norway, inside the Arctic Circle. As part of its full communications support programme for the Trust, PLMR was asked to capture a historic moment for the Vault. For the first time, seeds were being taken out of the vault, rather than added. They were being sent from the Vault to Morocco, where a new gene bank was being created for the Middle East and North

WHat plmr did

PLMR was asked to capture the seeds’ journey on video and in photographs, for the Crop Trust website, and for global print and broadcast media. Our Head of Broadcast, Mike Ramsden, travelled to Svalbard, and filmed in temperatures of -18 degrees to capture the moment the seeds were extracted from the Vault. After following them as they left the island, he captured their arrival in Morocco on video, and the crucial inspection of the seeds by scientists, to make sure they had survived the journey.

The result

Mike edited the video on location, allowing the crucial moments in the journey to be released to international broadcast media, almost as they happened. Broadcasters such as CNN and Discovery Channel used PLMR’s footage in their reports on the seed transfer, and hundreds of print and online publications used his photographs, which were distributed by Reuters news agency. The resulting media attention allowed the Crop Trust to educate people about the global importance of the seed vault, proving its worth.

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