38 Degrees wanted to help their members reach potential MPs during the snap General Election. In just 3 weeks, we put on events in 10 marginal constituencies and broadcast them live on Facebook to over 2 million users. 

The Industry Group for Responsible Gambling (IGRG) were looking to promote a week of activity across all of their member organisations (including betting shops, bingo halls and gambling websites). They wanted a colour scheme that didn’t clash with any other their varied members’ branding and a logo that had a bold and sharp design. As the branding would need to look distinctive and attractive in various mediums, they wanted to be confident that their central message would be visible at any size and instantly recognisable.

WHat plmr did

Our team used a variant of the colour scheme the IGRG currently used to build brand recognition for both the group and the week itself. The team also designed a bold “stamp” logo that could be easily affixed to members’ existing branding without clashing or looking out of place. Its strong, forceful type and weathered appearance resonated with the IGRG’s ambition that the week had a powerful and lasting impact.

The result

The IGRG team we thrilled with the design. Working with our team, the design was rolled out across hundreds of outlets and was presented to thousands of punters.
People reached online
event attendees
parliamentary candidates questioned

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